What is Secure Banking with Cogeco Security, and how do I use it?

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Before getting started: This article covers the latest version of Cogeco Security, which is available for free to all Cogeco Internet subscribers. Learn more about updating to the new version.

Secure Banking, or Banking Protection, adds an extra layer of security by cutting off untrusted or unknown connections when you visit a safe banking site. It also prevents you from connecting to known phishing sites.

  • Secure Banking will start automatically when you access an online banking site while using Secure Browsing on a Windows computer or Android mobile device. Learn more about setting up Secure Browsing.
  • In Windows, the banking session will open in a new window with a green border to show that you’re safe.

  • In the Browser/Navigateur app on Android, a notification will pop up when you access an online banking site.

Good to know: Secure Banking is not available on Mac computers or iOS mobile devices.

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