How do I add additional Wi-Fi Pods?

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If you're looking to expand or improve the wireless coverage in your home, you may want to rent additional Wi-Fi Pods from Cogeco.

  • Only Wi-Fi Pods rented from Cogeco will be compatible with your service.
  • For more information on Wi-Fi Pod pricing and to order your pods, please contact Customer Service.

Setting Up Your Pods

When you receive your Cogeco Wi-Fi Pods via courier, they'll already be set up on your Cogeco account and ready to go. Simply plug them in and follow a few easy steps on the Cogeco Wi-Fi App to get started.

  1. Plug the Wi-Fi Pod into a power outlet.
  2. Open the Cogeco Wi-Fi App.
  3. From the Home screen, tap the Menu button and open the Adapt tab.
  4. Look for the serial number of your new pod under Cogeco pods.
    • If your new pod is listed, it’s already active. We recommend naming the pod so that you can identify it easily later. Tap the 3 dots next to it and select Rename this pod.
    • If your new pod isn't listed, continue with the steps below to add it.
  5. Select Set up new pods.
  6. The Add more WiFi page will pop up and automatically start searching for new pods.
  7. When a new pod is found, tap on it and add a name. As each pod connects to the network, it will appear on the list with a green checkmark.
  8. Once all of your pods are added, select Done adding pods (iOS) or All done (Android).


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