How do I access the programming guide in the EPICO app on a streaming device?

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There are a few different ways to get to see what’s on, depending on where you are in the menu.

Full Guide

  1. Select Home from the main menu.
  2. Select TV Guide under Live on my favourite channels.

This will open the full guide with a grid of what’s on for the next few hours.

Mini Guide

Press the up or down arrow on the device remote while watching live TV to open the Mini Guide. This will display poster art for available programs without interrupting what you’re watching. Press up or down to change channels and right or left to change the time.

Note: Filters are not available in the Mini Guide.

On Now Guide

You can also access the On Now Guide while watching live TV. Following the same steps on other streaming devices will open the full guide instead.

  1. Press OK to open the playback menu.
  2. Select Guide.
  3. Press up or down to change channels or press right to open the full guide.

Note: You can also apply filters to the On Now Guide by pressing the Back button.

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