How do I set up an IP range/subnet in the Cogeco Wi-Fi app?

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Good to know: An IP range/subnet is only controlled through the Cogeco Wi-Fi app for Residential customers using a F@st 3896 modem. If you’re a Business client, or a Residential customer with a different modem, this can be set up directly through the modem’s settings.

An IP range, or LAN IP subnet, sets a specific range of IP addresses for your network to use. See below for instructions on setting this up.

Setting up LAN IP subnet

  1. From the Cogeco Wi-Fi app menu, select the Adapt tab.
  2. Select Advanced WiFi Settings.
  3. Select LAN IP Subnet.
  4. Select the desired IP subnet.
  5. Enter the desired range.
  6. Select Update.

Note: Only private IPV4 ranges are possible. This includes:

  • 10.0.0.x to 10.255.255.x
  • 172.16.0.x to 172.31.255.x
  • 192.168.0.x to 192.168.255.x

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