How do I access and navigate the EPICO menu on a streaming device?

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To access the main menu in the EPICO app on a streaming device, press the Back button on your device’s remote.


Here’s what you can do from the main menu:

  • Profile - Change profiles or manage existing profiles.
  • Search - Search for shows, movies or people.
    • Note: On compatible devices, you can also use voice commands on your streaming device’s remote while on the Search screen.
  • Home - View personalized content, including Live on my favorite channels, Continue watching, My list, Recommended for you and Rented or purchased. Learn more about EPICO’s personalized section.
  • Recordings - View and manage your recordings in the DVR Manager. Learn more about managing your recordings.
  • Channels - Discover channels through sections such as Trending Live, Recently aired, On demand channels and Freeview.
  • Shows - Discover shows through sections such as Upcoming shows, New arrivals, Popular and By genre.
  • Movies - Discover movies through sections such as New arrivals, By collection, By genre or Last Chance, or in seasonal themes.
  • Help - Watch the EPICO Feature Tour.
  • Settings - Change app settings such as language, parental controls and accessibility options.

Good to know:

  • In some sections, pressing Back may take you to another part of the screen, such as the Filters section in the Guide. Press Back again to open the main menu.
  • If you are in a submenu, you may need to press Back a few times to get all the way back to the main menu.
  • You can also use the Left arrow button to access the main menu from some sections, but this won’t work in a section where you can also scroll left, such as the Guide.
  • At the top of most menu sections, you can select Back to [program title] to close the menu and return to live TV.
  • In most menus, you can also access additional options when a program is selected. The button to access additional options varies by device (e.g. long-press the OK/Select button, or press the * button).
  • If you use your iPhone or iPad as a remote for your Apple TV, this will also work in the EPICO app. Learn more about using your iPhone or iPad as a remote.

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